10-year visa for engineers and IT experts, to aid Thailand technological development

February 10, 2022 | xpath.global

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The 10-year visa scheme for affluent foreigners and highly trained individuals is intended to attract engineers and IT experts, potentially bolstering Thailand’s technological development as the country predicts a digital worker shortfall in the coming years.

The Thai Cabinet approved the long-stay visa plan in principle last month, aiming to attract international investors, highly-skilled professionals, and wealthy retirees in order to strengthen the economy. Engineers and IT specialists should be given priority when applying for the new long-stay visa system, according to Supant Mongkolsuthree, chairperson of the Federation of Thai Industries.

“Engineers and IT experts, along with other skilled professionals and wealthy people, should be given first priority to receive the visas. We believe they can help support the Thai economy.”

According to Sam Tanskul, managing director of Krungsri Finnovate under the Bank of Ayudhya, the visa system might help pull in more people specialized in blockchain, data science, and artificial intelligence, which is expected to face a shortfall of 50,000 to 100,000 in the digital workforce.

He says that the current rate of roughly 10,000 technology graduates per year is insufficient to meet the growing need in the digital industry. More people working in technology is also considered as beneficial to local startups.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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