Australia Expects Return of Foreign Students and Skilled Workers

December 9, 2021 |

Facilitating Return of Overseas Individuals

Over 200,000 vaccinated individuals, including students and professionals, are expected to return to Australia soon. This comes as the government prepares to ease quarantine laws, effective next week. Transitioning towards a more open policy, this move is poised to significantly impact Australia’s recovery efforts.

Relaxed Quarantine Regulations

Starting December 1, travelers arriving at Sydney and Melbourne airports won’t need to seek exceptions from travel restrictions. Prime Minister Scott Morrison highlighted the significance of this move as a major milestone in Australia’s journey back to normalcy. This shift in policy aims to streamline the reentry process for vaccinated individuals, fostering a smoother transition into Australian society.

Transitioning Towards Openness

Moreover, vaccinated Japanese, South Korean nationals, and humanitarian visa holders will also be exempt from quarantine upon entry. However, the government remains cautious about opening doors to ordinary visitors. Prime Minister Morrison emphasized the need for a gradual approach, acknowledging the sacrifices made by Australians for a safe reopening. As the nation cautiously navigates its path to recovery, prioritizing safety while gradually welcoming back overseas individuals is crucial for maintaining progress.


As Australia progresses towards recovery, the phased return of overseas individuals signifies a promising step forward. With careful adjustments to quarantine regulations and a commitment to safety, the nation is steadily moving towards a more inclusive and vibrant future. This strategic approach not only ensures the well-being of Australians but also strengthens Australia’s position as a welcoming and resilient nation on the global stage.


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