European Parliament Proposes A 5-Year Visa for Legal Migrants

December 8, 2021 | xpath.global

Addressing Demographic and Economic Challenges

On Thursday, the European Parliament proposed a five-year visa for entrepreneurs and highly skilled migrant workers in the EU.

This suggestion is part of a broader plan to address labor shortages caused by Europe’s aging population. MEPs emphasize the importance of attracting migrant workers to strengthen Europe’s competitiveness.

Enhancing Visa Options for Entrepreneurs and Highly Skilled Workers

The proposed five-year visa aims to attract entrepreneurs, company founders, and highly mobile professionals such as artists.

This visa would facilitate multiple entries over five years, allowing stays of up to 90 days per year, encouraging business initiatives within the EU.

Streamlining Visa Procedures and Enhancing Mobility

MEPs advocate for revising regulations to enable long-term residents to transfer to another EU Member State upon authorization expiration.

Furthermore, the European Parliament urges the European Commission to streamline application procedures for single permits, allowing submissions by both Member States and third nations.

Transitioning between jobs is also highlighted, with proposed amendments to permit seasonal employees to stay in the EU for three months while seeking new employment opportunities.


In conclusion, the European Parliament’s comprehensive proposal encompasses various measures aimed at addressing demographic and economic challenges, enhancing visa options, streamlining procedures, and improving mobility within the EU. By implementing these measures, the Parliament seeks to create a more inclusive, dynamic, and competitive environment that fosters economic growth and prosperity across the region.

Source: europeantimes.news

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