Is it possible to slow down The Great Resignation?

January 3, 2022 |

Employees in the United States have been quitting in historic numbers over the last few months, in what economists have dubbed “The Great Resignation.”

Between April and June 2021, about 11.5 million workers resigned from their positions, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the figure has only continued to rise. Companies can’t perform at their best when they have challenges like insufficient workforce and burned-out employees.

Workers were forced to reconsider many elements of their lives as a result of the pandemic, including when and how they worked, as well as what was most important to them. Employees now feel compelled to feel personally valued at work as a result of this phenomenon.

Many people resign for a variety of reasons, including a desire for more pay, more comprehensive benefits, more work-hour flexibility, and better professional progression prospects. Burnout and increased weariness, as well as a lack of separation between home and office, enhance this impulse to resign.

It’s evident that widespread change is required, but what can HR leaders do to reduce pain points within their own organization? It’s a watershed event in the history of work. Executives and HR professionals must go outside the box to prevent employee churn and satisfy them. What steps can HR departments take to ensure that employees feel valued?

1. Protect your health to avoid burnout

Employees are departing for a variety of reasons, including burnout, which is a problem on every leader’s mind. Employee burnout not only reduces productivity but also raises stress and anxiety. It’s a problem that can’t be fixed alone by taking a vacation. Instead, managers must gain a better understanding of employee expectations in order to keep present employees.

2. Be proactive

It’s critical to be proactive in this area with action plans while also leading by example to encourage balance. Above all, even after the epidemic and the Great Resignation, employee wellness must remain at the forefront of HR initiatives.

3. Boost staff motivation

Employee engagement is critical for team success and organizational connectedness. High levels of engagement can aid with talent retention while also boosting overall performance. HR and management are critical in bridging the engagement gap in the workplace.

Managers should identify and communicate when an assignment is completed well in order to improve employee engagement. Everyone enjoys being praised for their efforts and the sense of accomplishment that comes with it. 

4. Promote good performance

Employees may feel as if their performance isn’t up to pace and that they aren’t valuable team members if they aren’t recognized. Managers and leaders may combat this by cultivating a positive team atmosphere that recognizes and promotes good performance with praise, privileges, and incentives. Employee morale can be transformed through positive affirmations and incentives for hard work.

5. Be transparent

Communication and transparency are more closely linked to engagement than one might believe. If employees feel underappreciated, they should feel free to express their concerns. Leaders can help to strengthen this culture by promoting involvement and raising concerns at regular check-ins. Organize team lunches or outings outside of work to make staff feel engaged and have important non-work conversations.

Leaders should think about different remote and hybrid working possibilities and how they fit into their business model. While some jobs necessitate on-site work, others are urged to develop a hybrid/remote work strategy for jobs that may efficiently satisfy corporate goals while working remotely. Flexibility is essential for accommodating a variety of working styles.

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