The essentials of Spain ’s new digital nomad visa

January 4, 2022 |

Spain is preparing to introduce a brand-new visa for digital nomads. This will take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic’s acceleration of remote working choices.

People working remotely for international companies will be able to live in Spain. Will not need to obtain a full work visa under the recently introduced Startup Act in the Spanish Parliament. This is hoped to increase talent and investment in Spain, as well as the country’s reputation as a global economic hub.

This article highlights the most important details that potential candidates should be aware of before submitting an application for a new visa. It explains who is eligible to apply, how long the visa is valid for, and other important details regarding the soon-to-be-released authorization.

The requirements for obtaining a digital nomad visa in Spain

The suggested new visa has yet to be completely created within the legal framework of the country. However, one of the most well-known requirements of the digital nomad visa is that it is open to international workers. They’re working by organizations based outside of Spain.

The new authorization for remote employees will be added to the country’s existing visa collection. It also comes just before the implementation of the new EU-wide ETIAS tourist visa waiver in 2022.

Who is eligible for a digital nomad visa in Spain?

For international employees from non-European Economic Area (EEA) nations, a special Spanish visa for remote workers has been developed. People with EU passports or who have arrived from a Schengen nation can already work remotely in the country for less than six months of the year without having to register.

Those arriving from non-EU countries will be able to apply for the new digital nomad visa if they are either:

  • Employed by companies that aren’t Spanish
  • Have a portion of your income from Spanish companies that is less than 20%

The new visa will also make it easier to apply for on-the-spot residency. Currently, you must apply for permission with local municipalities within 30 days after arriving in Spain.

The digital nomad visa will be ideal for freelancers and entrepreneurs with various clients who work remotely. It will also assist full-time employees of overseas companies who have the option of working from home or abroad.

How to Apply for a Digital Nomad Visa in Spain

Because the proposal is currently being debated in the Spanish parliament, it is unclear how the visa for digital nomads would be obtained.

However, because the proposed authorization is a national visa for Spain, it is likely that candidates will have to register and receive permission to work from the country at a local consulate or Spanish embassy.


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