New guidelines for Expatriate Quotas have been released by FG

February 7, 2022 |


The Federal Government stated that guidelines for the administration of the Expatriate Quota had been adopted.

Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola, made the announcement on Thursday in Abuja.

The rules outline how stakeholders and contacts should keep their information and contact information up to date for the federal government.

The minister invited interested parties to go to the ministry’s website,, for further information and details on the existing guidelines, and to follow them as soon as possible.

Adding that all companies that have been granted Expatriate Quota Positions (EQPs) on a ‘Permanent Until Reviewed’ (PUR) basis should note that the minister’s approval has been granted, citing that all PUR instruments will be examined in order for the armed forces to know the length of time each PUR instrument has been held, as well as the extent of the facility’s use by respective organizations.

The Ministry added that the exercise will also “facilitate the assessment of the continued eligibility of holders while repositioning the management of the instrument for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

“Accordingly, all companies and organisations that have been granted PUR facilities are requested to submit clear copies of their letters of approval to the address below.

“Office of the Deputy Director (E, I&I), Citizenship and Business Department, Ground Floor, Room 110, Ministry of Interior, Federal Secretariat, Area 1, Abuja.”

They emphasized that the deadline for submitting the letter for the aforementioned exercise was January 24th and would expire on February 28th, and that failure to comply by enterprises would result in cancellation.

They also stated that all users of services provided by the ministry’s Citizenship and Business Department must submit Monthly Returns on the Utilization of all approved Expatriate Quota Positions, issued to their respective organizations, online via, while their Expatriate and Nigerian Understudies must obtain National Identification Numbers (NIN), which must be reflected in the monthly returns.

The Ministry also emphasized that all submissions must be made online, as manual submissions are no longer permitted. This directive goes into force on January 24.

Furthermore, it is now mandatory that with effect from Jan. 24, all users of facilities granted by the citizenship and Business Department of the ministry must update their contact details by taking the following steps.”

The steps are as follows:

Send a formal letter to The Office of the Director, Citizenship and Ground Floor, Room 123, Ministry of Interior, Federal Secretariat, Area 1, Abuja, presenting their representatives (whether full-time employees or consultants).

The letters from the organizations must include the following information: Full name of the authorized representative; position held in the company; official e-mail address; official phone numbers; alternative cell phone number; full mailing address for courier services; two (2) copies of the representative’s recent passport photograph; and a photocopy of the representative’s official identity card.

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