The Malta Start-Up Residence Permit to be released

January 4, 2022 |

In collaboration with Malta Enterprise, the Malta Residency Agency is launching a pioneering residency initiative aimed at entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneurial Opportunity in Malta

Entrepreneurs relocating to Malta under this program will contribute to the nation’s growth while enjoying its lifestyle. This initiative caters to individuals seeking to establish their base in Malta, providing them with the opportunity to live in the country and actively contribute to its economy.

Requirements and Criteria

Transitioning from the concept, entrepreneurs must demonstrate a robust business history and present a clear business plan. To qualify for residency under the startup program, applicants need to showcase a strong track record in business, along with a well-defined business plan and goal.

Seizing the Benefits

Malta offers a host of advantages to startups, including a skilled English-speaking workforce and top-notch healthcare facilities. Additionally, the program fosters diversity by bringing in investors with varied perspectives, enriching Malta’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Entrepreneurs who wish to relocate and officially establish their residency in Malta under the startup program must have a strong track record in business. Furthermore, they are required to provide a detailed business plan and clear goals to demonstrate their commitment and contribution to Malta’s economy.

Attracting Digital Nomads

The idea of a startup visa aligns with the recently introduced Malta’s Nomad Residence Permit. This permit has been successful in attracting digital nomads from all corners of the globe, enticing them to live in Malta while running their businesses or pursuing their education.

Moreover, the program encourages interaction between Maltese entrepreneurs and investors from diverse backgrounds. This interaction allows local entrepreneurs to learn from the experiences of their global counterparts. Gaining valuable insights into different markets and industries.


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